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Givin’ it up. March 15, 2011

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I gave up sugar for Lent.

First of all — Lent.  First Lent that I’ve really paid attention to and been actively involved in.  I’m still trying to figure out what Lent is all about, and it wasn’t until recently that I found out the word comes from a word that refers to springtime.  What that has to do with preparing for Easter, I don’t know.

To be totally honest, I’m still trying to figure out what it is that I’m supposed to be doing, personally, spiritually, during Lent.  Sometimes I feel like this is the last six weeks of life as I know it, ever.  Sometimes I imagine that I’m supposed to be facing some huge six-week challenge, conquer it, and then celebrate at Easter.  I want Lent to be something huge and incredible, but… right now it seems like there’s just less singing and more fish.

Down here in Louisiana, we fry fish a lot.  I don’t like fish, but I do like hushpuppies and fries.  I don’t eat seafood either.  I’ve considered tofu…

I do think I gave up something that comes between me and God, however.  Because I really do have a problem about eating anything with sugar in it.  I’m not saying this to brag about what huge thing I’m giving up for Lent, although it is a really big challenge for me.  It’s just a big problem of mine.

We’re six days into Lent and I have to think twice about everything that I eat.  Things like cereal and instant breakfast don’t count, but cookies, candy, doughnuts, and ice cream are definitely on the list, as is brown sugar in my oatmeal.  I eat way too much sugar, I don’t like it, and at one point I actually had myself weaned off of refined sugar completely and I ate so much healthier.  I really do think I have an addiction to sugar.  So, if there’s anything coming between me and God, one of them would be sleep (there aren’t enough hours in the day to work two jobs and do all the Bible studying I’d like to), and the other is the sweet stuff.

What are you doing for Lent?


One Response to “Givin’ it up.”

  1. Lent = spring because it always happens at the end of winter and going into spring. Good point though…what does that have to do with preparation for Easter.

    Lent is about purifying yourself in preparation for Easter. You fast in order to empty yourself of sinful tendencies and pray to fill yourself up with God.

    Sugar is a big challenge. To really do Lent right, you should try to figure out what your biggest vice/sin is and then try to combat that. You should work against it in order to get rid of it before Easter…or at least lessen it’s hold on you.

    I’m giving up saying being snarky to people. 😉

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