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God made colors. March 19, 2011

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I couldn’t sleep a few nights ago, so I tried praying.  It must have been 75 Hail Marys later that I realized that wasn’t going to work.  So, I tried to think of all the things that God made.

Definitely not a good topic in the absence of numbered sheep.  Not for me, at least.  I can talk your ear off on creationism vs. evolution vs. intelligent design.  In college I took a pre-med biology class that focused a lot on the evidence that pointed toward evidence that all living things have a common ancestor  and how the sheer complexity of what has to take place just for us to see light — not shapes, color, or making sense of the image, just light — is insanely awesome and irreducibly complex.  So if God made everything… well, what’s one of the first things God made?  I’m a terrible Bible scholar, so if I were two years old, how would I answer that question?

I don’t know how, but the first answer that came to my mind was that God made colors.  Think about it.  Who decided that everything that popped up during the spring bloom would be green?  Red roses?  Blue sky? Orange pumpkins? Purple eggplant? Gigantic yellow sunflowers (that will start to germinate in my flower garden any day now)?

God could have decided to make everything monochrome.  Everything would be a different shade of gray.  But no — our Father decided to be a little extra creative and instead of just making a sky, he colored it blue (or, if you want to get geeky, set up the science for it to appear blue to us).  Flowers could have all been white, but he wanted red roses and pink carnations and little purple bluebells.  He didn’t just make fuzzy caterpillars, he made them black with white and orange stripes so they’d look like little fuzzy racecars (true story).

And after God made colors, he gave us the gift of seeing them.  He didn’t have to.  We could be walking around seeing in black and white.   When I was 5, when black and white television was still around (more around than it is now, and when’s the last time you saw a black and white TV?), I actually thought that nothing was in color — clothes, pictures, cats, plants, the beach, anything — until color TV came around.

My favorite color is purple.  I just decided this a few years ago, for no apparent reason, but as a baby Catholic I love Lent a little more because my favorite color is everywhere.

I hope that everything isn’t all white in heaven, because that’s going to be really boring.


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