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Doing things with stuff and the love of God. March 21, 2011

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I like stuff.  And I have a lot of stuff as a result.

I don’t pride myself on being a packrat… I just tend to amass a lot of stuff over time, and I’m pretty reluctant about letting go of anything.  I have a lot of clothes that I need to part ways with, and a lot of stuff from college that’s been overtaking a good part of a room that needs to be dealt with.

But yet, I find myself looking for more stuff when I’m bored.  I looked at jewelry online tonight and thought about looking for a dress when I stopped myself and thought, you know, what am I doing?  I have a perfectly good dress that will be fantastic at Easter — why do I really need another?  How often would I wear it?  What would I get to do in it?

Nothing.  Just Easter, and even then I think only kids wear white dresses at Easter.

I’m this way with my music toys too.  It’s a “gotta have” thing for me — gotta have the neatest, biggest keyboard, an acoustic/electric guitar, a pink sparkly electric guitar, a computer I can record on (when I barely recorded on my old Mac at all)…  I’ll concede that it’s great to teach on 88 keys as opposed to 61, but it doesn’t have to have an on-board sequencer or be able to read my thoughts or anything.  It just needs to play.  It needs to be functional.  I need to be able to do something with it.

Having an awesome piano makes you an awesome pianist just about as much as having an awesome camera makes you an awesome photographer.  I have a friend who has a huge interest in photography but only really takes pictures when people ask her to or when she feels like it’s a formal situation for photography.  I have a second friend who takes pictures constantly, posts them for critique and comments all the time, and has kind of built a budding photography business without really trying because people know she’s awesome at photography.  Another friend of mine built her own photography business in the same way and now shoots weddings, senior portraits, engagement and baby pictures at her own studio at age 25.  All of these people have the same camera, but they’ve done different things with it.

So does being a Christian necessarily make you a person who makes a difference in the world?  Of course not.

I have met several people (nobody on here, I’m not ratting anyone out!) who identify themselves as Christian and who act nothing of the part in their daily lives, some who don’t know the difference between preaching the Gospel and hate speech, and it was this kind of behavior that turned me off to religion in the first place.  As a self-professed agnostic years ago, it didn’t matter to me that these people called themselves Christian because they certainly didn’t act like it.  They didn’t do anything, actually, that reflected anything accurate about God.  That really, really got to me.  It’s a miracle God got to me at all.

If anything, being a Christian comes with a responsibility to do something awesome and good that points to God and what he’s like and opens doors to show his love for the world.  Yes, at the end of the day, it’s incredible that our Father forgives us of our sins and loves us unconditionally, but that’s not all there is to this new life, is there?  We have the forgiveness and love of God — now what?  We have to do something with it.  The strange thing is, I really want to do something, I just don’t know what I could do yet.  I’m still working on that.

But I really do need to clean out some of my stuff, and perhaps I can do some good with what I don’t really need anymore.  Instead of getting a new dress, maybe another little girl will have one to wear on Easter morning.  After all, it’s a perfectly good dress.


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