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7 Quick Takes: 1st (crazy) edition April 8, 2011

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I’ve never done this before so here goes nothing. I feel horrendously inept at the internet at 25, so if I screw up fantastically, feel free to teach me something new. In fact I’d love that.

1. Something really crazy is going on down here.
I don’t know what it is, but yesterday we found out one of the children at daycare could have a pretty serious (not life threatening) injury, my mom slammed her pinky in a door at work this morning, I whacked my funny bone on the corner cleaning up dog poop, and a Jeep exploded down the street from my house last night. I came home about an hour after it happened and there was fuel on the road where it looked like one of the fuel lines failed, and there’s still a big puddle of gas down the road where it happened. I mean, seriously weird stuff. (Pretty sure the kids in the Jeep are okay, but I’m kind of miffed I missed all the small town excitement. That’s just me, though.)

2. I have a new puppy.
And by puppy, I mean a one year old Siberian Husky named Sasha for the moment.

She has severe separation anxiety and is an insomniac unless she can see someone before she goes to bed. I’ve been sleeping on the couch a lot.  She is also an escape artist and has earned the nickname Houdini based on how she can begin to unlatch her kennel and scoot her crate tray all the way out of a locked enclosure when someone isn’t home. In addition to chasing cats and dragging me across the yard.  St. Francis, pray for this puppy, I’m about to go crazy. She’s already done wonderful things for my mom, though – I can tell how happy it makes her to have a dog again.  She really needed this.  My puppy of 15 years passed away 3 years ago, so this is a really big step (I got him when I was in kindergarten) and honestly, it’s a little uncomfortable for me. But I’m getting used to it… and sleeping like I have a young baby in the house…

3. We have a gas line!

Hurricane season starts on June 1st. It’s been three years since Hurricane Gustav, which was three years after Katrina and Rita, which was three years after Lili.  It’s time.  We went a week without power during Gustav and our portable generator nearly flooded, we had so much rain. We ordered a 17kw Generac which came in two days ago, and then the gas company just came and dug up my ditch to put this awesome hookup in.

You seriously don’t know how excited I am to see this.  The contractor should be here with the generator tomorrowwww. Never been so happy about taking a wall apart to put in a breaker box before.

4. My sunflowers still aren’t coming up.

I don’t know how this happened, but a couple years ago I started planting sunflowers in the garden. Ever since then it’s become almost a tradition to have sunflowers all summer, and usually a lot of them come up on their own. I haven’t planted any this year, and there isn’t any life in the garden yet, which is really unusual — it’s very warm and sunny down here, and they should take off, right? Guess I’ll have to invest in some seeds this weekend.  On another note, we started some moonflowers in peat pots — these are really cool flowers that only bloom at night and they climb everywhere and smell fantastic — and they’re just about ready to put in the ground. Looks like I’m gardening this weekend. (Except the chiggers and giant maseetos have taken over outside.)

5. I read really slowly.

I’m trying to finish a book series before Easter (the Left Behind series, if you’re curious), and I’m almost done… except for the last two or three books. We have two full weeks until Easter, and it’s taken me a month just to get to 70% in this book.  I read a whole book in one day when I got my Kindle, so maybe it can be done…  What are you reading? Leave me a comment – I’m always looking for good, interesting reads…

6. I’m itching to make music.

Sometime after Easter, I want to get involved with the choir at church or the band that plays at the youth mass, but in the meantime, I wish I could find the time to sit down at the piano and work on anything, really. I put GarageBand on the iPad and that is tons of fun all by itself (I actually just crashed the iPad with it — oops) –I just need the time to learn to work with it. And I have so much work to do for piano lessons that finding time to really practice… well, it’ll be a nice break from all the paperwork.  But I practiced a little this afternoon, and that’s when I discovered –

7.  I desperately need to get my piano tuned.

You know what an old piano sounds like, right? Like there’s a vibrato on the strings that shouldn’t be there. I’m lucky if I get it tuned every five years, and it’s been longer than that. I thought it was in pretty good tune considering that, but when I played it today, I heard that “old” sound — and I know that can’t be good. It makes me upset, and it tells me that the strings are probably starting to get in bad shape too. Keyboards are awesome and all, but having a real acoustic piano, a real instrument that doesn’t rely on a computer — there is such an awesome feeling when you play it.  Literally, awesome.  And playing on a just-tuned piano — what an amazing experience.


Tada! Happy (fishy) Friday!


3 Responses to “7 Quick Takes: 1st (crazy) edition”

  1. I am well aware of the off vibrato sound – I trained and competed classically all of my life until my sophomore year of college. Growing up, the only place we had room for my piano in our house was in our very poorly insulated den, right. . .next. . .to. . .the. . .front. . .door. Also, I’m a pastor’s daughter which means there was like, NO money for tuning. If it weren’t for the fact that I have perfect pitch, my relative pitch would be a DISASTER.

    Love you sweet friend, SO HAPPY to see you on 7 Quick Takes!

    • Wow, I did not know you have perfect pitch! Very cool! Based on relative pitch (compared to my keyboard) it’s only about 1/4 of a step off tune, but the vibrato thing has me worried. It needs some cosmetic work too – in fact it needs to be totally refinished on the outside – but I’m afraid if it goes too much longer I might be looking at a larger repair. How to bring this up to mom without stressing her out… *sigh*

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  2. vitaconsecrata Says:

    All this piano talk is foreign language to me. :p
    I wish I knew how to play the piano. My fingers are really short (like seriously, I have the worlds smallest hands – have yet to meet a grown adult who has hands smaller than mine!) and I often have a hard time playing instruments involving my hands. I’m sure it can be done, but it hasn’t been yet. :p

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