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What my mom thinks of the Pope. April 18, 2011

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No, she doesn’t know I’m being baptized yet. (Although I really am considering just blurting it out.)

I have been thinking, though, about what my mom might think of me joining the Catholic church. Years ago, when I was 12, I told her I was a Christian after going to a vacation bible school thing with my friends (and ended up with a lot of people praying over me in a language I didn’t understand – you know, you can’t make this stuff up), and that Christmas, she gave me my first bible and a gold cross. She’s kind of hands off with it, but has no problem with me going to church and all.

Then I started digging a little further in my memory. Remember, I’m the kind of person who has been asked by people in college if the Pope was Catholic and I said I honestly didn’t know. I didn’t think it was that big of a deal when Pope John Paul passed, but for some reason, this was a huge deal to my mom and she was very interested in it. I used to think it was just because she was interested in history, but later I remembered how she told me, “We had a really great Pope in John Paul II.”

So, really, how much does she pay attention to this stuff? Is she just interested in that for historical reasons, or does it go deeper than that?

Either way, it’s pretty awesome. Maybe my mom is more Catholic savvy than I give her credit for.


4 Responses to “What my mom thinks of the Pope.”

  1. Emily Says:

    Maybe then she won’t be angry with you (I honestly don’t think she will be. I think if you explain why you’re making this choice she will understand). And I really think it’s cool your mom took so much interest in that! I remember not thinking it was that big of a deal either (hah) when I was a freshman at my Catholic high school. Now I can really see what a big deal it was.

  2. vitaconsecrata Says:

    He really was a great pope. I have such a hard time with Benedict 16 because he’s not MY pope. (I’m so elite I have my own pope…didn’t ya know??)
    I can’t wait to hear her reaction – mainly because I want to say “see that wasn’t so bad was it?” :p
    I can be cruel. I know. It’s all a part of my charm…if you wanna call it that! 😀

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