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Coming down, and Music Wednesday April 27, 2011

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Last Saturday is starting to become more of a memory than I expected it to be.

I’m learning. I’m learning to live in the here and now, that some things are out of my hands, and that I can’t make everybody happy. Some things I just have to trust to my Father.

I get so caught up in trying to mollify people and keep the peace. When things aren’t right, it shakes me. I feel like it’s my fault, even if some things are out of my hands. I lose perspective. I’m not saying I have my head in the clouds all the time now… I’m just beginning to see beyond them and learning how to live down here with that new knowledge.

Today at mass, I talked to Jesus and said I felt like I was losing my grip. He said, “Remember my mercy and you will know love.”


I have to trust Him.

Hillsong. None but Jesus.


One Response to “Coming down, and Music Wednesday”

  1. vitaconsecrata Says:

    yes…we all have to trust Him. it’s much easier in writing than it is in real life. ((hugs))

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