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7 Quick Takes, 2nd edition May 6, 2011

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1. We have a GENERATOR.
I spent my whole Tuesday waiting for the gas company to show up and install the meter, which they refused to install unless someone was home “so they can light the pilot light” which doesn’t exist because we don’t have any gas appliances in the house. They showed up at three, which is when I get off work for daycare… but I did catch up on some reading, and this baby? Runs like a dream.

 We have an automatic switch installed, which routes into the house breaker with something like this (those wires are coming from the box on the very left side of the picture)…

…and the house power charges the battery inside the generator. It starts up as soon as the switch detects an outage, and 45 seconds later, after the generator has cycled, the power in the house comes back on. The switch also senses when the utility feed comes back online and shuts down the generator without so much as a glitch in the lights. Seamless. Worth every penny once hurricane season gets here. (I’m kind of nuts about electrical stuff — my dad’s an electrician — so this stuff fascinates me to no end… which is why there are so many pictures. If this doesn’t interest you, well…)

2. It’s Childcare Provider Appreciation Day!

Apparently this day always comes on the Friday before Mothers’ Day. I didn’t know about it until @NAEYC tweeted about it today…but apparently all the teachers with small children know about it, because they’ve been feedin’ us. Carrot cake and doughnuts and pizza and fudge, oh my indeed. So if you know a daycare teacher… give them a hug, because this is a hard job to do, but I can think of very few jobs that are as rewarding as this.

3.  As far as going back to school…

We have a child in our classroom who has a special need (I’m thinking developmental delay) who is about to turn three, so she’s being evaluated for an IEP as she moves out of the age range for the interventions her IFSP can provide. The lead teacher and I were discussing a behavioral survey that one of the evaluators gave her to fill out, and I discovered that I really enjoyed going over the questions with her — a lot.  I’ve been considering going back to school for a second bachelors in nursing, since I’ve tried dealing with a room full of 22 second graders and it doesn’t work, but now I’m thinking educational psychology might be pretty awesome.  Special ed and helping children get the services they need, especially in an early childhood setting. Finding grad programs in this, however…

4.  Prayer request.

I went to mass today, and after mass the priest explained that at the morning mass tomorrow, a 10 year old boy is going to be baptized and receive first communion. He encouraged everyone to attend because he doesn’t have very much family, so the Church will become his family. He’s very excited about his baptism. Please pray for this young man — I won’t be able to make it to mass to support him, a boy I don’t even know, but I know how much prayer can do and just how nervous you can be going through all that… as some of you know and recently found out as well!

5. Meet Beep Beep.

Beep Beep showed up at our house three years ago as a little gray kitten with a crooked tail. He doesn’t meow, he goes beep. He’s one of the most adorable kitties I know. Unfortunately Beep also has a terminal illness, which is feline infectious peritonitis. There’s no cure, but he’s on several medications to keep him comfortable. He doesn’t eat very much, but when his medicine stirs up his appetite, his fancies tend to include cheese, ice cream, and dog food. At under 6 lbs, we know his time is short… and last night when he went outside and didn’t come in until morning, we thought we had lost him. I’m happy to report he’s back and now has a strict curfew of dark or 7:30 pm, whichever comes first. (And yes, his ear is floppy — he had a hematoma that swelled up and shriveled because we couldn’t treat it surgically; the surgery would have killed him. He aims that ear at whoever just gave him his medicine, which he does not like.)

6. It’s a La Nina year.

Based on some research I did last weekend (and see http://www.elnino.noaa.gov/), I think we’re headed into a La Nina year, which means that the temps at the equator in the Pacific will be cooler than normal. This shifts the jet stream and does a whole bunch of other significant meteorological stuff I don’t even have the brain power to understand, but I’ve heard it said recently that a lot of this severe weather we’ve been having is partly due to the beginning of a La Nina trend. Katrina was a La Nina storm. If you live in the south or in a hurricane-prone area, get ready. You have less than a month before things could start to get crazy.

7.  Road trip…

My friend and I are taking a short road trip early next week where we’ll have to deal with some, uhm, difficult family situations. We’ve already had a glimpse of what they may use to antagonize us with and try to start a fight, including our Catholic faith, so I’m praying hard for protection and wisdom and the strength to act as Jesus would. I tend to use words in an attempt to prove a point and then make the situation worse or let words get to me and feel like I have to verbally defend myself, both strategies that will definitely not help when we’re dealing with someone who has a history of being physically violent.  I will be entering this situation with full spiritual armor on… Please pray for us.

Ready for the weekend… here I come, sunshine!


One Response to “7 Quick Takes, 2nd edition”

  1. vitaconsecrata Says:

    does beep beep go “pew pew” when he aims his ear at people?? cause that would be awesome.
    that road trip sounds – not so fun. i’ll be praying for you.

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