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Battlegrounds. May 6, 2011

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I know someone who is fighting an immense spiritual battle right now.

These are not easy to fight. The enemy instills doubt in our frail human minds. And we unravel.

Is our God really who he says he is, even when our hearts believe otherwise, when we have to see with the eyes of faith?

Are the things I’ve done really forgivable?

Am I worth anything at all?


It’s okay to feel like you have to start over with your faith after that. The things you have learned will come back to you. All is not lost.

Some battles are scarier to fight than others. Sometimes it gets physical.

You can be taken prisoner, or you can fight back.

Or you can be one of the warriors who stands up to defend others in battle.

In the book I’m reading, the characters are approaching what the authors have termed the Glorious Appearing in a few weeks’ time. Our Lord will appear with ten thousand saints for the battle of the ages.

And there is a very real chance that you and I could be a part of that battle.

Close your eyes and think about that for a second.

The story has been written. When the call goes out for that mission, I’ll be raising my hand.

I think there are saints — on heaven and earth — who are versed in being defenders, warriors. They’ve been given a crown of honor for their courage.

Today I laid down the crown for a sword.

To all who are fighting what seems like an uphill battle… Keep fighting.

To everyone who’s praying for help… Don’t lose hope.

Help is on the way.

Turn up your speakers and march into battle.


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