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Hello, Holy Spirit. May 27, 2011

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I try to at least get a glimpse at the local news every day. I read my horoscope for the fun of it. Today’s got my attention:

You’ll meet someone who is aligned with your values and principles — a new and true friend. Not every true friend is this much like you. There are people you love with whom you have far less in common.

I should probably tell you that ever since Easter, I’ve become aware that I am never alone. I may not always be paying attention, but someone is always with me – my Father, my self-professed big Brother, my Mother Mary, St. Michael… Depending on what’s going on, someone is always there. There’s been a lot going on lately (praying for Joplin and all the places affected by tornadoes recently), and my Father and Brother have been noticeably…distant. Not absent, but not present in the same degree that I’m used to.

At first, I was unsettled. I don’t like being by myself. One day after mass, my Father told me, “I haven’t left you alone. You know I am always with you. But I want you to get used to how the Holy Spirit feels, too.”


I’m not going to lie – I wasn’t totally enthused about that idea at first. Compared to how much I know and have talked to the Father and the Son – well, this just isn’t quite the same. Like meeting your cousin for the first time, it’s awkward. I’m supposed to be related to this person? I don’t really see it…

But wait.

I’ve been feeling super creative lately. I’m making a list of songs to work on this summer. I need to start working on some more piano pieces to help one of my advanced students stay on pace. I have a list of words I’m trying to learn in Hebrew, but they aren’t really working out, so I had the idea to learn color words in Hebrew first. Once my foot gets better, I might invest in a better fitting pair of dance shoes. If I can keep up with my physical therapy, maybe I could start ballet this fall. I’m reading more. I’ve been coming up with stuff for the kids at daycare to do that keeps them busy for hours.

This isn’t all me.

A few weeks ago, Jesus told me that my Father wanted me to get up early this summer. I asked him how early, and he said 7. I said 9. We compromised on 7:45. Why? He never told me.

I just figured it out. He wants me to get up so I can play with my new friend.

Hello, Holy Spirit.


4 Responses to “Hello, Holy Spirit.”

  1. Marquis Says:

    I think that God wants us to get up early to spend quality time with him. In the quiet of the morning, you can pray, read the bible, or just simply listen for his voice.

  2. Brit Stack Says:

    LOVE IT!!!

  3. vitaconsecrata Says:

    😀 YAY!

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