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Worry. May 30, 2011

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Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own. – Matthew 6:34

School is out for the summer. In years past, this would mean a lazy summer for me, a slow music lesson season, and a road trip or two.

In years past, I have come to think of summer as hypochondriac season.

it’s not that I try to be a hypochondriac. It just seems that, with more time on my hands and less to do, things pop up that end up worrying me. Little insignificant things. Or not so insignificant things. By the fourth of July I usually have myself convinced that I’m dying of some cancer, but as soon as school kicks in again that all disappears. I don’t know if this is just a pitfall to having an active mind or the devil trying to get ahold of me, but I think it would be safe to assume it’s both and decide to do something about it.

And so, this summer, I am not going to be a hypochondriac. I am going to trust that God has me in the palm of His hands. I am going to pray often, read my Bible (I’m almost done with Luke from start to finish), do stuff at church, have fun with Jesus, attempt my own big kid version of vacation bible school, go for walks, and learn some more Hebrew. And not worry.

I think this summer will be different since my work schedule won’t be changing from the past several months, but if you would, please pray for me.


One Response to “Worry.”

  1. vitaconsecrata Says:

    i haven’t had a ‘carefree’ summer since i was in high school.
    i really miss it actually. i never really appreciated it when i was younger. i’d totally soak it up now!

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