Heart Shaped Stone

a one year old baby Catholic with a Rosary and she's not afraid to use it

Six weeks old. June 4, 2011

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I am six weeks old today.

It hurts to walk without shoes on.

It has been a difficult week. There have been crises to quell, tears to cry, storms to run from. I was afraid I had not done right, and then my Father – who is understandably busy right now – gave me a sign that, ultimately, all is well.

Somehow, through it all, I knew that all along. I see these problems in the light of eternity.

I have come to understand that, in this life, there are two things: the signal, and the noise. The signal is what we are tuned to receive, to understand, called to be a part of. It comes from Home. Then there is the noise. The static of this world. The static of evil ones, ultimately sin, that makes no sense. Sometimes it’s difficult to get the signal to come in. The noise is overwhelming.

And then you cry out to Jesus in your confusion and He takes care of it.

It is becoming more of a conscious effort to block out the noise. To seek the signal from Home, to be able to listen.

I hope that changes soon. I’m ready to feel like I’m back in the Kingdom again.


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