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Yesterday and Today, or the Baby Who Loves Me June 28, 2011

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Yesterday and today, I got off work ten minutes late. Yesterday I was in charge of potty time with the two year old boys. Today I was cleaning up after we painted.

Yesterday and today, I went in the nursery after work and was greeted by a red-faced, teary eyed baby girl.

Yesterday I thought she was just hungry and fussy. She gives you zero warning when she’s hungry, so when she cries that certain way, she wants to be fed now.

Today, the girl working in that room (who I started my first RCIA class with, ironically) told me that this baby girl starts fussing a few minutes after three o’clock if I haven’t come in to spend time with her yet.

When I came in today, she was in a swing and gave me the most serious “Where have you been?” look I have ever seen from anybody in my life.

Followed by the most infectious toothless grin ever.

It occurred to me today that that little girl loves me.

How often does our Father, who loves us immeasurably, expect us to come talk to Him, spend time with Him, and we don’t?

He’s waiting.


One Response to “Yesterday and Today, or the Baby Who Loves Me”

  1. vitaconsecrata Says:

    SQUEE!! BABY!!

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