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Vacation Bible School: 4th of July edition July 4, 2011

Filed under: Uncategorized — Kortni @ 5:28 pm

It started like this…

And ended up in something like this…

…and if you transliterate that, it says Yeshua Ben Ha-Elohim, and if you don’t read Hebrew, that means Jesus Son of God.

There’s more than one way to learn something new.

To round out the day, taking a walk with my Brother and the dog once it gets a little cooler, then finishing John 5 and 6, and fireworks! (And by that, I mean seeing which neighbors set them off first.)

Have a fantastic Fourth!


One Response to “Vacation Bible School: 4th of July edition”

  1. You’re really good with that Hebrew aren’t you? Where’d you learn that? Hope you had a great Fourth!

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