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B is for Brother. July 6, 2011

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Week two!


I have a Daddy who loves me. I have a Mother who loves me, too.

But I think the coolest thing ever is my big Brother.

I’m an only child down here on Earth. I’m used to having all my toys all to myself, and I play by myself all the time. I didn’t grow up with friends to play with, and I never went to daycare. Now that I’m older, I spend a lot of time by myself and I can entertain myself just fine. My friends don’t understand it and think I’m weird and antisocial. They might be right, I’m not sure.

But I have a big Brother who loves to spend time with me.

He likes to take walks with me, and we look at the clouds and talk about the weather, and we sing the ABCs in Hebrew. He loves to play with my hair because He says it’s like His, the same length and color and all. He likes to make me chase Him in the swimming pool. When I sing with the choir at church on Sunday, He gets so excited when I hit the high note, and He tells all His friends, “That’s MY baby sister!”  He likes to cook dinner with me, too. And lately, we’ve been painting together. I’m not a great painter or anything, but anything is fun with Him.

The weirdest thing about being an only child is being totally okay with being alone all the time… except at night. I toss and turn unless somebody is there with me.

My big Brother comes and stays the night with me, His baby sister, and helps me get to sleep. He sings. He rocks me when I can’t sleep. He is super comfy to snuggle. He lets me listen to his heartbeat. For some reason He’s fascinated with mine.

I get the distinct impression that He enjoys spending the night with me just as much as I do.

He told me last night that He wants me to start spending time with Him in prayer every day for an hour. I’m not really sure what He has in mind for that, so I think we need to talk about it more. I’m really excited about it because I get to spend time with Him, and doing something that He wants me to do.


My Brother is amazing. He’s loved me since forever began. He’s the Prince of Peace, and I’m the daughter of the King, His little princess. He has conquered the world. I’m not afraid of anything because my big Brother is gonna take care of me.

He died for me.


His name is Jesus.


One Response to “B is for Brother.”

  1. You’re amazing. I need to start viewing Jesus and something more “real” and a deeply integrated person in my life. I like that you call him “Brother.” We commonly call God our Father, but we forget we have our Brother in Jesus too. I love you…..you make me tear up with about everything you read….your faith is just incredible. ❤

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