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a one year old baby Catholic with a Rosary and she's not afraid to use it

Because Jesus is there. July 7, 2011

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I was thinking about this on the way to work yesterday. What if I had to explain to my mom why I like being Catholic?

I could say it’s because I get to sing in the choir at church.

I could say it’s because I like the structure of mass, and how it’s a lot more interesting than just singing a few hymns and listening to someone preach for an hour.

I could say it’s because I can to go mass all during the week.

I could tell her it’s because I learned so much more about the Bible and our heritage of faith through the Catholic church than anywhere else.

And here’s the thing – all of that would be true. I like all those things about the Catholic church. These were the reasons I gave when one of my friends, who is Protestant, asked me what I like about the Catholic church.

I just figured out the real answer.

Because Jesus is there.


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