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Amazing times three. July 8, 2011

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I went to mass this morning. I have learned that going to any mass before 3 in the afternoon usually means I’m not totally awake yet, but it’s the best I can do most days. Today, after the consecration, I could not take my eyes off the altar. I don’t know why. I must have been enthralled with something my eyes couldn’t necessarily see.


Summer anxiety has been trying to get the best of me and I refuse to let it. Annoying stabby-dull pains on my right side make me think something is up with my gallbladder (where did that come from?). I bring that newest concern to the foot of the cross after mass and vow to restart with new enthusiasm my fantastic Father-driven food plan (or my feeding schedule, as he calls it). What would Jesus eat? The pains stopped this afternoon. I need to make a grocery list and a menu of dishes. We might just turn this into a blog meme.


The seven month old sunshine of my life left early today, so after playing with the crawlers I went over to the nursery and successfully bounced a fussy 4 month old to sleep. This never happens with her. I spent ten minutes just holding her and watching her snooze. There is not enough money in the world that could have bought me out of that moment.

Her little sleepy fists and adorable little sock feet made me realize that this is what our Father sees when He holds us, too. All curled up in His secure, loving embrace. Precious. So precious.

And that is exactly what we


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