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In Passing. August 15, 2011

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As I rushed out the door to mass this morning, I knew I was forgetting something. Bag, wallet, phone, keys, rosary, check – nothing missing.

So on I went about my day. I ended up skipping mass due to work and making it up later with a friend. The nagging forgetful feeling mixed with a lingering panic attack and didn’t quite leave me until around 3 this afternoon.

Something about today wasn’t quite right, and I never was able to put my finger on it.

Until I got out of mass, when my mom sent me a message. “I can’t find Beep Beep.”

My gray striped tabby with a crook at the end of his tail who couldn’t meow but instead beeped all the time — he stretched out under my mom’s bed to take a nap, and woke up in the arms of God.

I forgot to scratch his head this morning before I left.

I have been assured that St. Michael scratched it for me.


One Response to “In Passing.”

  1. Oh hun! I know how much you loved beep beep. ((HUGS))

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