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Turning everything downside up. September 22, 2011

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My Father likes to chase me with ideas to get my attention.

I’ve had a question nagging at me. The big question that people unsure of God like to ask, and the faithful tend to scratch their heads and shrug at.

Why does our infinitely good, wonderful, loving God allow bad things to happen to us, the children he loves so dearly?

I used to shrug and say, “Things just happen.” There is no sense in them, no divine purpose. Some crazy things just happen.

I don’t think so anymore.

God is a fan of turning upside down things downside up. Taking a bad situation and making it work for good in some way.

God can take something destructive and cause it to lead you to blessing.

God can take something unfortunate and melt hardened hearts with it.

God can take loss and lead the change in the way you view life here and beyond.

God can take something terrifying and lead you to his Son.

He has with me.

I think sometimes we aren’t able to see the positive part of it because of the timing. It may take years for the negative to show up in your life as something He has transformed just for you.

But He will do it.

And even those challenges and struggles are faith builders we all need so much, as hard as they can be to handle.

He is faithful.

Never forget that.


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